I haven’t always been a “writer” but I’ve always had a knack for it. Growing up I was encouraged and told how well I do with creative writing. I was told by my teachers that I am great at transferring my thoughts onto paper…
I suppose because I was encouraged to explore that path I had to rebel and avoid it at all cost.

I have done many things in my life professionally. I have worked in retail management – I’ve been a classroom aid and paraprofessional. I’ve spent numerous years in school chasing every whim and idea – whatever lead to money. Unfortunately, none of the things I pursued served me well. I was in denial about my gifts and talents, I didn’t want to admit that I am talented artistically and should pursue a career doing what I was made to do.

This last year I had some health complications, and I wasn’t able to work in a classroom anymore. The kids I worked with had disabilities and I needed to be strong for them, and I wasn’t strong anymore.
In my prayers and deep reflection I realized I’ve been writing for years… I have several blogs and various things I do on the side. Why don’t I try this writing thing and see how it goes?

Since then I’ve stepped up my game and have even started writing under a pen name!

So, that is how I got to where I am now, and if you want to check out some of my work please click on the links below. It has been an evolution of my talents, personal growth, and abilities, please enjoy!

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Beautiful Biology.

Don’t fight the process

Allow it to come in its time

Aging isn’t a death sentence

it is proof you have lived your life

Lines around your eyes tell of the time you


Crinkles, wrinkles all stories of a life


Lines around your mouth, times you pouted

The ones on your forehead tell stories of

times you worried and doubted

Blessings in disguise

Things we try to hide

Welcome them, please

Greet them with pride

Those spots that come with age

tell of the time you would bathe naked in the sun

Star crossed lovers, bathing as one

The scars show of times you battled with yourself

Survivor stories, you shouldn’t be ashamed to tell

Gray hairs that came early

Beautiful, they are

Silvery white specks in dark auburn hair

Age you’ve earned through hard fought battles

Battles you’ve won with prayer

Aging is a process that shouldn’t be denied

Yet we stick ourselves with needles,

we add padding to our behind

Prevent sagging from lives birthed

deny biology for vain self worth

However, I will deny my vanity

I will embrace the process

and at times it will be hard because

I am woman living in a gloss age

where snaps are edited automatically

real isn’t ever real

biology says cells break down


Evidence of a life well lived

Will leave scars, gray and white hairs

Life will leave crinkles from laughter

and wrinkles from mourning

spots from summers well spent

and breast that change due to

nurturing our young.

I will embrace the process…

Because it is beautiful biology

Evidence of a life well lived

Begins with aging.