Dear Sister,

I hear you.

You are woman and you’ve been roaring for quite some time. We’ve fought every step of the way. We’ve pushed back when we were told to, “Know your place.”

But dear Sister, your place is whatever place you choose for it to be. You belong wherever you want to be. Don’t let anyone take your life from your hands. Don’t place your dreams on the limited scope of another’s opinion.

Dear sister, you are able to do whatever you put your mind to.

Be a scientist studying the human genome. Be the woman who goes out into space.
Be a mother, a working mother, a stay at home mother, a freelance mother.
Be a soldier, school teacher, police officer, cosmetologist, fire fighter, or whatever profession makes you feel alive.
Go to college, don’t go to college. Work for a six figure income, don’t work for a six figure income.
Be a farmer, grow nourishment for those around you.
Work a fancy job so you can pay for the all organic stuff another woman grew.
Don’t have children if you don’t want to. It won’t make you any less of a woman.
Don’t get married if you don’t want to, a spouse will never make your dreams come true. That’s your job.
Don’t let other people tell you that you are too girly, too manly, too loud, too soft spoken, too big, too small, too curvy, or not curvy enough… You are who you are, don’t let anyone make you anything different. Truth is, you fit perfectly in this world.
Travel the world. Make the world a better place.
Or stay close to home, and make your home a better place.

Do what makes your soul soar.

Do what feels right down to your very core.

Take chances. Fall in love… with yourself.

Taste new things, love people, do what is best for the world…

And never, ever let another human being – man or woman, tell you to “know your place”.

Your place is wherever you choose. No one else can decide that for you.

Dear sister. You are woman. You are what you want to be, nothing more, nothing less.



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