Note: I am not trying to convince anyone of anything. I am just sharing my views, experience, and facts. Many have assumed – on both sides of the argument – that I cannot possibly be a feminist because I do not  identify as a Democrat, and because I am a christian. 

I’ve seen so many women reject his notion of “feminism” because they do not understand what it means or they buy what they are told by men about the movement. I have seen other women disgusted by news coverage and extreme behavior of women acting out in protest. To be fair, the news will cover the more interesting aspects of a protest or rally than the more subtle and boring aspects.

So, what is feminism?

  • Feminism is expecting that a woman and man go in to get the same job on the same day with the same experience – they receive the same pay.
  • Feminism is respecting a woman’s choice to do what she wants with her life
    • Not have children
    • Have as many children as she wants to
    • Not get married
    • Get married
    • To get any kind of job that she sees fit for herself
    • To vote or not vote
    • To go to work to provide monitarily for her family
    • To stay at home and provide in a different way
    • etc etc etc
  • Feminism is placing more value on a woman’s intelligence and character than on her looks. (I mean, if we allow ourselves to age, we all grow white hair, wrinkles, looks are not the most important thing. And if we don’t allow ourselves to age and fight it? We look like a wax figure caricature of our former selves.)
  • Feminism is asking men to respect a woman’s right to her own body, which means “no means no”. 
    • Also means commenting on my body parts is unnecessary – especially if I do not know you.
  • Stand up for a woman’s right to age, wrinkle, and not get “work” done so she can stay relevant at work. (Also, respecting a woman’s choice to get work done if she really wants to.)
  • Not discriminating against a woman for being a mother. (I was interviewed by a WOMAN at UPS who questioned my being a mother and my ability to do the job – seriously.)
  • Feminism is a broad and varied theory. There are different kinds of feminism, and it isn’t one size fits all. Not all of us hate men, some of us like to be treated like a lady (Um, I am a lady), but we all fight for the rights of woman to be part of society and our autonomy be respected. 
  • If you are a man and agree with the above statements, you may be a feminist.

I do not agree with every opinion in the feminist movement – however, I am no less feminist than the woman marching topless. I just feel there are other ways to get the message out, and they feel the same way. There are always going to be varying opinions and wishes within a movement… But we can respect the differences without distancing ourselves from a movement that brought suffrage and women’s rights to fair wages.

So what isn’t feminism?

To me, feminism isn’t belittling other women for their choices regarding their lives – you cannot claim feminism if you shame women for their own choices. Every woman as a right to choose for herself.

Also, belittling women based on her looks is ignorant. If you disagree with a woman in philosophy why is it so common to then attack her looks or other physical attributes?

It’s ugly behavior. It’s ignorant. And it is shameful.

Don’t be that person, especially if you’re a woman.



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