In a world of Fox News, MSNBC, Buzzfeed, CNN, BBC, Al jazeera, Breitbart, The Blaze, Huff Post, etc. etc. etc. it is incredibly hard to find credible information that isn’t slanted.
How do we sift through the varying messages to find the truth? I’ve long ago turned off my TV and cable news networks, all of them are garbage. Nothing more, nothing less. Although we get an anchor here and there who tries to be a voice of reason, most have to play to the network draw…

Each network and publication has an audience they are trying to draw, and when Rupert Murdoch came to America to start Fox, he said he was just going to go the opposite way of the other networks, and since then, the two sides keep going further apart.

I’ve long since became disgusted with the blatantly biased information that is circulated in media. I’ve stopped watching and started reading. I read my news from a number of publications, all of which have their own leanings, but some are more neutral than others.

The problem with how I gain  my information and views is that it takes a lot of time. And most people aren’t willing to do the time and research to gain neutral information – and sharing unsavory information isn’t “bias” it is reporting. A slanted view comes when they ignore facts.

I have to ignore half of my social media post on my feeds because it is blatantly biased or devoid of any real information.

Currently I see a bunch of Trump supporters telling the “other side” or what Trump calls, “my enemies”, to stop whining… Trump “won” (Trump received 46% of the vote, he didn’t win, he was elected). Which is fine and all – except these are the same people who cried on their social media for 8 years because they had Barack Obama as a president. You can’t request for people to stop whining when you whined for 8 years and would be whining now if Hillary Clinton would have been elected.

(And to be clear, I didn’t like either person running in the major parties. Trump and Clinton are morally reprehensible and I was saddened that is what we were narrowed down to. I voted third party – I decided to stick to my ideals and values.)

The same goes for the left, you rubbed it in in the “rights” face when Obama won, you blamed their racism instead of their political stances for why they didn’t vote for him… Yes, I agree, some people who hated Obama was because he was black. Essentially, majority of those who disliked him did so because he was a Democrat, even though he didn’t really do anything different publicly than Bush.

Yes, there are some of us in the middle who have no real voice in this back and forth between the two sides. As someone who is Libertarian I respect both sides for what they can bring to the table… I also understand if ever there was a libertarian in head office, there would be much less federal impact on individual lives – and a slow process to fixing our many issues as a  nation.

Why can’t anyone see what the other side brings to the table? Why does there have to be two sides? Do we not see this is effectively tying us up as a country and keeping us in a stalled state? We’ve essentially have had no forward progress in my lifetime. Not that I can see. We’ve had small victories for civil liberties, and huge setbacks in civil liberties.

Essentially, Republicans are for national security. Smaller government. Rule of Law. Free Market. Better quality of life and more liberty for Americans….
However, they don’t see or research how their elected officials have taken away from their right to privacy. They are anti-free market and have essentially been voting and supporting crony capitalism. Corruption runs a muck, and they make cuts to things that help people, while padding their own pockets. They’ve ignored environmental issues and catastrophes for the benefit of their lobbyists. They’ve put industry and wealth before every day people’s welfare. They’ve gotten rich by lying to you.

Democrats are for civil liberties. Equal pay for equal work. A balanced playing field. Helping those who cannot help themselves. Healthcare for all. Better quality of life and more liberty for Americans…
However, they don’t see or research how their elected officials have supported and profited from war. They’ve worked to strip Americans of their privacy. They’ve padded their pockets from Lobbyist and corporations using politics to benefit their business. They’ve gotten payments to keep certain industries and companies on top. They’ve played politics and opposition to the “other guys” for show, and really support much of the same things behind the scenes. They’ve gotten rich by lying to you.

If each side can continue getting rich by playing politics, faking opposition, while behind close doors just taking money from companies and keeping things tied up in congress while passing bills supporting corporations. Nothing can change.

There are some in congress who are doing a world of good. They are a minority. They are the rare gems who want to audit the fed. They vote no because they’ve actually read the bill. They try to open up American citizens to getting pharmaceuticals from Canada because they are more affordable.

When do we see that it wasn’t the Affordable Care Act that made insurance more expensive, but insurance companies? When do we start to see that we are being played as fools and the two sides are just playing off of one another, keeping you distracted, while issues still go unresolved? When do you see that the “other side” isn’t the enemy. That bipartisanship isn’t bad or dirty… Without it nothing will change, and if you haven’t been able to tell, nothing has for a long time.

(If you are interested as to where I get my news, I go through several publications and then form an opinion. When I am really trying to be informed on all sides I go through: NPR, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Financial Times… among a few others).


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