Leading up to this election it has been very hard for many people to understand how someone can be Libertarian and Christian.

I lived through having to defend my Christianity countless of times because I am “okay with abortion”, since I vote Libertarian. What many of my critics failed to understand is that with abortion legal, or illegal, it will happen regardless. Abortion has always happened since the beginning of time. Does it make it okay? Absolutely not. Not in my eyes, not when it is used as birth control.

I am for affordable birth control. I am in favor for women to have easy access to long-term solutions to avoiding getting pregnant. I do not feel abortion should be used as birth control, however I do understand and agree of when it is medically necessary.

If a friend of mine found out she was pregnant unexpectedly I would be there for her. I would offer to adopt her baby if she didn’t want it, or help her with resources to adopt out if that is what she wanted to do. I’d offer to help anyway I can if she did want the child. And if she decided to have an abortion, I’d be there for her and comfort her if she needs me in the aftermath.

I wouldn’t judge. I wouldn’t criticize. I would just be a decent human being because that is what I am called to be. I would hurt about the situation, but I  would also give that burden to God. It isn’t mine to bear.

You can be a Christian and understand that the government does not have a role in legislating morality. Government has no morals, its central and intended role is to keep us safe from foreign entities. Morals are best learned through families, churches, communities, and good relationships. Government has been terrible at living out their supposed “morals”. There are long and lengthy lists of infidelity within our government and our politicians. Prostitution is illegal for the most part nationwide but our politicians are regularly acquiring high-end “professional services”.

This isn’t a problem? Blatant hypocrisy in government doesn’t ruffle any feathers?

We have been at war non-stop since Bush was in office. The United States has killed countless innocent people from around the globe in our quest to squash “terrorism”. All we have really done is kill a lot of young men and women from our own country and abroad. We are breeding animosity worldwide because we are foreign invaders killing off entire families, we are fueling extremism. If we don’t stop now, when will it stop? Lives matter. All of them. Even Middle Eastern ones.

Both Republicans and Democrats, and the ones funneling the money to them, are the reason these wars happen. The only ones dying are our people from home, and those far off who have nothing to do with 9/11.

Our strongest offense is an impenetrable defense here at home. We need to bring our military back to the US. Keep our boarders safe. Cut military spending tremendously, and take some of that money for national defense and build a stronger foreign intelligence and counter terrorism task force here in US. The FBI was investigating some of our recent terrorists before they went through with their plots… Why did those investigations fall short? Perhaps, those things can be fixed here at home. Orlando shooter, Marteen and NYC bomber, Rahami are two examples of our intelligence agencies catching wind of something then failing to complete what it is they started. Our problem with terrorist isn’t from foreign invaders, our problem is with people here in the US.

I can be a Christian and be pro-life.  I am pro-life worldwide, not just people at home. And I voted for one of the people this election who was truly pro-life because they didn’t want to send our sons and daughters to war. Pro-life means that all life matters, not just the unborn.

Maybe I am biased, but I feel I am not living my life in a political induced hypocrisy. Perhaps, I am an idealist and feel that I can make a better impact than the government in the lives of those around me. Regardless… I am a Libertarian. I am a Christian. I know where I stand. I don’t have to rationalize my acceptance of worldwide violence and death at the hands of the United States for the unborn lives at home.


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