What is the difference between the US involvement in Yemen and the Russian involvement in Syria?


I would be a liar if I didn’t admit that when the whole Russian involvement started in Syria I was a little irked by the whole scenario. While Russia claims that they are not targeting civilians, many civilians are dying. I then quickly realized that what the US has been doing for years in the Middle East is no different. Only difference, Russia being a close neighbor in the region, it has a vested interest in keeping the area stable, even if that means keeping repressive regimes intact (Admittedly they also are involved for energy reasons much like the US).

However, the US involvement with helping the Saudi government is beyond my moral comprehension. The Saudi Arabian government has been implicated with involvement with the 9/11 terror attacks,  as well has an air of suspicion for  feeding funds into terrorist organizations. How can we be against such terrorist groups and then support the Saudi government? How does it work both ways?

The US blindly supports the kingdom for one simple resource,  oil.

Saudi women are not permitted to drive vehicles, Saudi Arabia are staunch supporters of Sharia, and just recently Saudi Arabia reported to have used US missiles to bomb a funeral and killed over 100 people. I suspect that a prompt withdrawal from the conflict will be imminent to avoid further tainting of the American reputation (Just kidding).

I think the line was drawn when it was clear Saudi Arabia was complicit in the 9/11 attacks, blood of 2,000+ American people should not be worth less than oil.

But as the saying goes…

Oil is thicker is Blood.

And apparently worth more, too.



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