headshot-jpg-2 Britney is a writer, artist, advocate, and church girl who loves working to make lives of other people better. She volunteers within her community to help families that have lived through domestic violence situations.

Britney also works with congregations to help with ministry and building up women to pursue work within ministry. Women make up 60 percent of the modern-day church, women are capable and should be part of building a church. Her life’s purpose has become building up physical churches and help build the congregations within. Britney hopes to complete her Masters of Divinity degree by late 2018.

Britney is also passionate about building up women from all walks of life. As a girl’s girl, Britney believes that the best thing women can do for each other is share their stories and encourage each other. She is dedicated to reaching out to women from every background to pursue leadership and break glass ceilings that are holding them back from their dreams.

Britney is active within the Columbus, Ohio region, but does travel when invited to come speak. Britney has taught in churches and at community organizations – sharing her story and healing she experienced after abuse and trauma.

Her passion is not just creative writing, but to do all she can for those around her. Speaking engagements can be booked at least a month in advance.

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